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Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Independent Contractors / Consultants, and those in charge of marketing but have limited experience.

You might be creating a marketing plan for the first time or need to reset your current plan for the New Year. Either way, by signing up for the Strategy Series you'll be ahead of the game!



A free Strategy Series to guide you on creating a 2023 marketing plan. Each week, I will walk you through my process of creating my own 2023 marketing plan so you can follow along.

  • Week 1  |  Why Planning Matters and the Science Behind Documenting Your Marketing Plan

  • Week 2  |  Reflecting on 2022

  • Week 3  |  Goal Setting

  • Week 4  |  Understanding Your Customer

  • Week 5  |  Strategies & Channels

  • Week 6  |  Tactics

  • Week 7  |  Putting it all Together

  • Week 8  |  Creating a Content Calendar


I will use short videos, articles, anecdotes and lessons learned from my 15 years of digital marketing experience to explain each step.

I will share 1-2 short emails each week so as to not overload you, but rather help keep you motivated and on track for the start of the year. Think of it like a guide-meets course-meets workshop email series.



More than 50% of small business owners report that they do not follow a marketing plan for their business, yet many struggle to know if their marketing efforts are working. This lack of planning leads to wasted time and money and fails to take advantage of opportunities to help your business grow.

According to a 2022 survey of 3,000 marketers:

  • People who proactively plan their marketing are 331% more likely to report success.

  • People who set goals for their marketing were 377% more successful than their peers.

  • Top marketers were 414% more likely to report success when they document their strategy.

  • Organized marketers are 674% more likely to report success.



The first email will go out December 1.

Expect 1-2 emails per week as I walk you through my own process of creating a 2023 marketing plan

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