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If you are…

  • A small business owner, solopreneur, consultant, freelancer, nonprofit or professional coach

  • Doing your own marketing and knowing it could be better →

  • Not seeing enough growth in leads, visitors, subscribers, followers and CLIENTS

  • Ready for some real guidance from a digital marketing expert with years of consulting experience →

  • Unable to hire full-time marketing support at this stage of your business →

Then a private marketing consultation is for you.

A private marketing consultation is a personalized working session between ME (a digital marketing specialist with 15 years of marketing, communications and consulting experience for service-based businesses) and YOU (a busy entrepreneur wearing all the hats or your right-hand person, a jack or jill-of-all-trades type) trying to achieve their goals with a small marketing budget.

As a business owner myself, I admit that I’m a regular student of “Google Search University" to figure out many of the ins and outs of running a business. Sometimes I can find a DIY solution to my problem and other times I have to call on an expert. It all depends on what’s best for my business.

Marketing can be a little tricky because there are a lot of great resources out there. You can easily spend time hours, weeks, or even months exploring articles, watching videos, attending courses, and discovering creative content that "teaches" you how to market your business.


Unfortunately, because the information is produced for a mass audience, the information is typically general, it lacks practical application, you're unsure if you're doing it right and – if I had to bet – you don't really know if its paying off a.k.a. you don't know how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

A private session with me is not a course, it’s a conversation. It’s a problem-solving, hands-on training completely customized for your business.

The main goal is to understand your biggest challenges, the things about marketing that stress you out, confuse you, and those things you Google when trying to figure it out on your own.

With all of those issues uncovered, I will come to the session with an understanding of your business, prepared to teach, answer questions and help you with real solutions and strategy to show you how to market more effectively and grow your business.


60-mins. as a one-time session or multiple sessions purchased as a package

Held via phone, Zoom, Google Meet or in-person if you're able to meet in the Avondale-Logan Square area of Chicago

You share your marketing successes, failures and everything you need help with

I will show you how to become a smarter marketer for your business and brand through:

  • Teaching, tips and tricks

  • Answering questions in real-time

  • Sharing solutions and lessons learned from my experience in digital marketing, consulting and running a business

  • Problem-solving together to give you actionable next steps that you can put into a marketing plan


1 Session : $115

4 Sessions Package : $399 (you save $61)

A package is recommended for the business owner who is ready to:

→  Ramp up their marketing efforts to grow their business faster
→  Expand their marketing efforts to a new market or audience
→  Learn about multiple channels
→  Fully develop their digital marketing strategy
→  Comprehensively train someone on their team to handle their marketing

my promise

As a business owner, I understand that every dollar matters. I know too well how much I’ve invested in books, guides, tools, subscriptions and courses over the years, and I can tell you this is a much better investment in the dream and vision that led you down the path of entrepreneurship in the first place. Those other resources are good but they’re passive, this is an active solution to help you achieve your business goals faster.

The cost per session or package is the total cost of my time. It includes an introductory call to briefly meet, understand your marketing challenges at a high level, and make sure we’re a good fit. After our introduction, I will share a personalized questionnaire to help dive deeper into what you need the most help with and will conduct my own research to review your marketing assets (brand, website, social media, etc.). This intake activity will help me prepare personalized recommendations so that I can come to the table with a custom agenda and topics to address throughout our working session(s).

I will never partner or accept payment from someone who I cannot help. Digital marketing is an expansive universe of strategies, channels, mediums, specialties, and intricacies. Though I am an expert at most, I simply cannot be an expert at everything and would never take you on as a Client if I thought I wasn’t the right person to help.

If you've made it this far, you clearly are interested in getting some help with your marketing. Click the button below and leave me the best way to reach you and the biggest challenge you're experiencing right now with marketing your business. I will send you an email to say hi and set up a  call whenever it works best for you. It's free, plus, if you do nothing but vent to me for the full 15 minutes, you might just feel a little bit better.

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