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Marketing Yourself For Your Next Opportunity

Splashed across our headlines, the term #TheGreatResignation was born to describe the 47.8 million people in the U.S. who quit their jobs toward the end of 2021. With the trend continuing into 2022 – an additional 4.4 million people resigned in February alone – experts are scrambling to make sense of the huge shift in the workforce re-branding it the #TheGreatNegotiation and now, more recently, #TheGreatReimagination. However you describe it, people who were or are unhappy in their jobs are saying goodbye and looking for a better opportunity.

Though we’ve heard it’s a “candidates' market” with companies looking to fill nearly 11 million vacant roles, a large number of people quitting means there’s a large number of people searching for their next opportunity. Smart, talented people are on the hunt for roles at good companies offering the best flexibility, competitive pay, attractive benefits, and healthy company culture.

If you’re a #jobseeker or someone evaluating their current career path, finding the right job takes time, preparation, and skill. Even before you dig up your resume file, be sure to set aside ample time to figure out what you want from your next opportunity. Consider blocking off hours or even a day to define your drivers, motivators and prioritize what is the most important to you. This way, as you sift through job descriptions, perks and begin interviewing, you have something concrete to serve as a North Star. The better defined your vision is, the clearer your strategy will be.

" a business uses marketing to promote its competitive advantage, you, too, should do the same."

Developing a strategy and a plan for how you plan to prepare for and find your next opportunity is essential if you want to go about your search effectively. Unfortunately, many people waste months of their time updating a resume without a clear line of sight into what they want their next role to look like and blindly apply to multiple positions, slowly losing confidence with every rejection or no response.

At Fifteen Marketing, we believe the most efficient way to create a job search strategy is to apply a marketing lens and its fundamentals, to your search. Just like a business uses marketing to promote its competitive advantage, you, too, should do the same. Look at the similarities below.

When we consult with our Personal Branding clients, we apply the same approach we would with a business that needs smarter, better marketing. Just as a business would be foolish to try and be successful without a strong marketing plan, we believe the same applies to the person who is trying to market themselves for their dream job.

For more tips to elevate and expedite your job search, check out our 2022 Special Report: Navigating the Modern Job Search and the Importance of Your Personal Brand. If you’re looking for a more direct impact on your search, drop us a note to learn about our 4-week program.





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