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Marketing Advice Q&A: Amanda from Storytale

Amanda grew her business and social media followers from 2K to 90K in less than two months using one thing – powerful, storytelling marketing.

Meet Amanda.

With a large social media presence, Amanda is in the business of creating content that captures the hearts and minds of her 95,000 (and growing) followers on Instagram. She’s Harvard educated and got her start as a Brand Strategist for a Forbes-listed company becoming one of the youngest employees. Now that she works for herself, she’s found success through her content templates and private coaching, and has recently focused her attention on a storytelling course that she will launch this fall.

Q: What's one thing about marketing your business that you wish you discovered sooner?

A: That marketing strategy is not a one-off game. It's a continuous, trial-and-error game. The best way to win is to start now even before you’re 100% ready. The thing about strategy is that it’s just an assumption and you won’t know whether it will work unless you try it out.

I spent 6 months creating a marketing plan for my business, thinking that the more time it took, the more solid the plan would be. But I was wrong – by the time I launched the business, the plan that took me 6 months had to be changed within a week because it turned out that the market did not behave how I thought it would.

So instead of spending too much time on a strategy, start small. Set a direction, start now, and, adjust your strategy along the way.

Q: What is your view on the recent changes in social media, especially Instagram, to drive creators to make more videos?

A: I think social media will always change, no matter which platform or how many times it changes.

I won't change my strategy to fit the trend, but I will adjust it to my audience’s behavior. For example, people are jumping into Instagram Reels because they think people prefer video format – but I don’t think they do.

I think people consume more video content because they got tired of reading lengthy captions, plus video format is quicker.

If what’s changing is people’s behavior, then maybe it's not the format that's making an impact, but it's a shift in the way people consume content.

They don't want lengthy content anymore. They like to read short, but addictive content that keeps them engaged. Like TikTok videos, Netflix series, or Twitter threads.

So I adjusted my strategy to that and started creating short, engaging content, which I call "binge-able content".

And it works.

Our key takeaways.

…on the importance of marketing strategy.

Amanda makes a great point – it’s better to have some direction and get going than to analyze a marketing plan or strategy to where you’re not doing anything. We call this analysis paralysis. Many businesses operate without a marketing plan and it’s obvious because the way the brand shows up is inconsistent, the audience isn’t engaging, content is sporadic, etc.

Try setting a general strategy to organize your efforts:

  1. Define who your audience is

  2. What makes your business special

  3. What your business goals are and how marketing will plug in

  4. What your message will be and how you will share that

  5. How you will measure if your efforts are working

This exercise doesn’t need to take weeks or months to map out. Schedule 1-2 hours of focused, uninterrupted time and consider investing in bringing in an expert to help. And get to it!

Thank you.

Thank you to Amanda for her time and perspective. Her efforts are paying off and she’s an inspiration to us and many others around the world. Be sure to follow her @hellostorytale (and you wondered how her followers keep growing so fast!) 😊





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